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ATSG VW09G/09M Transmission Technical Manual 09G 09K 09M TF-60SN 03-on

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ATSG VW09G/09M Transmission Technical Manual TF-60SN 03-on
This thorough book covers many applications 2003-on
The Japanese company AISIN Co., LTD is the manufacturer and developer of the Front Wheel Drive TF60SN transaxle, which is a 6 speed, fully automatic and electronic controlled transaxle. Volkswagen engineers were also involved, in conjunction with Aisin, in the development process for their vehicles and they gave it the 09G/09M designation. BMW gave it the designation 6F21WA for their Mini-Cooper. The 09G/09M transaxle is used in a wide variety of applications and engine sizes. As a result, the number of friction plates, planetary ratios, intermediate ratios and final drive ratios will vary depending on torque load requirements of the specific vehicle. The TF60SN transaxle uses a gear ratio sensitive system, requiring the correct transaxle interchange. The TF60-SN is used in the BMW Mini Cooper, Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. This transaxle is referred to as the TF60-SN, 09G, 09M, 6F21WA and in some overseas vehicles as 09K. As a result there are a variety of different case and part configurations. Some of these units have the heat exchanger attached to the transmission while others use a remote heat exchanger. This alters the case, case cover and the valve body and if incorrect parts are used, severe planetary failure will occur. This manual covers these differences so that this mistake will not happen to you. The 09G/09M transaxle uses a Lepelletier gear set arrangement, using a simple planetary coupled with a Ravigneaux type planetary. This arrangement makes six forward speeds and reverse possible, with only five clutch packs and one freewheel. This manual contains the procedures necessary to diagnose, rebuild and/or repair the 09G/09M transaxle and is intended for automotive technicians that are familiar with the operation of automatic transmissions.
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