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Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Interchange Part Number: 22119G

Manufacturer Part Number: RCP96-156

Brand: Raybestos

Manufacturer Warranty: Yes


48RE, A618 Friction Clutch Pack


Part No.

Raybestos® Powertrain Chrysler A518/46RH, A518ES/46RE, A618/47RH, A618ES.47RE, 48RE 2003-E07 Automatic Transmission Friction Clutch Pack Module provides the friction clutch plates that you need for your automatic transmission rebuild in one convenient friction clutch pack. RCP96-156 features Front High Energy, Rear High Energy, Overdrive Brake High Energy, and Overdrive Direct Tan Friction Clutch Plates. Raybestos Powertrain friction clutch pack modules contain premium-quality friction materials that offer superior shift feel and performance, smoother engagement characteristics, and improved clutch life. OEM standards drive the high production quality of each of our aftermarket products at Raybestos Powertrain. Our application engineers utilize extensive research to select the friction material that performs up to or better than OE specifications in each clutch position. Give your customers superior performance and longer clutch life with the ease of Raybestos Powertrain friction clutch pack modules.

Recommended Use:

OE Replacement

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