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Sonnax 68942-10K Transmission Valve Kit, TC Lockup Clutch Regulator Valve

by Sonnax
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Manufacturer Part Number: 68942-10K

Other Part Number: S78741QK

Brand: Sonnax


Oversized TC Lockup Clutch Regulator Valve Kit
Part No. 68942-10K

  • F-68942-TL10
  • VB-FIX
Excessive clearance at the outboard spool fed by the PWM solenoid allows modulating lube to exhaust. The resulting pressure loss causes reduced TC lockup clutch apply pressure, creating TCC-related complaints. Bore wear at the inboard spool can contribute to reduced line pressure. The Sonnax kit 68942-10K salvages the valve body with an oversized hard-anodized valve and a custom spring.
  • Oversized valve salvages valve bodies with worn TC lock-up clutch regulator valve bore.
  • Kit restores normal converter charge and cooler flow.
  • Valve design corrects harsh or no TCC apply, TCC slipping and burn-up.
  • Valve
  • Spring

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