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Manufacturer Part Number: 73708

Other Part Number: S96901

Brand: Sonnax


Servo Return Spring
Part No. 73708

Fits '94-'08 except applications with the shorter spring.

In Ford CD4E and Mazda LA4A-EL units, low pressure, servo leakage and/or pin bore wear can all cause a degradation of the servo timing and apply rate of the direct clutch in CD4E transmissions. Sonnax reduced force servo return spring 73708 to addresses these problems.

  • Replacement spring provides enough force to firmly apply the 2-4 band, yet is not overly stiff so that a controlled release is allowed
  • Spring will work with both the one-piece or two-piece servo piston and rod assembly

This spring will shorten shift duration, but is not a fix for leakage, a weak pump or poor line rise. Always verify the hydraulics by testing line pressure first.

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