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Sonnax 76811-01K Transmission Spiral Snap Ring (For Direct Drive Shaft) (5 PC)

by Sonnax
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Manufacturer Part Number: 76811-01K

Brand: Sonnax


Retaining Ring
Part No. 76811-01K

Direct Drum Shaft

Package Quantity: 5

In vehicles with a Ford AOD transmission, the direct drum splines can wear, causing the direct drumshaft to contact the output shaft and shut off lube flow. The late shaft design allows Sonnax retaining ring 76811-01K to fit into the OE groove. The early shaft design requires a groove to be machined to accept the retaining ring. The shaft has been depth hardened sufficiently from OE to ensure strength after machining.

  • Prevents lube flow shut-off
  • Salvages drums with worn splines

Late-model shaft requires no modifications. Early-style shafts will require machining a ring groove.


  • Restricted lube flow


Spline wear causes the direct drum shaft to contact the output shaft and shut off lube flow.


Sonnax retaining ring fit prevents the direct drum shaft from moving backward and contacting the output shaft and shutting off lube flow.

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