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Brand: Sonnax

Other Part Number: S74997-7

Manufacturer Part Number: 77872-01

4L60, 700R4

Shortened Throttle Valve TV Link (1 Piece)
Part No. 77872-01

Package Quantity: 1

In GM 4L60 units, the TV cable synchronizes engine throttle movement with TV plunger movement. If the cable is not readjusted to ensure proper line rise, the unit may return quickly with soft shifts and a burned 3-4 clutch or band. Sonnax shortened TV link 77872-01 is shorter than the OE so that the installer must readjust the TV cable.

  • Shortened link was designed with the carry-out unit in mind
  • Prevents unit failure after rebuild


  • Low line rise
  • Soft shifts
  • 3-4 Clutch failure
  • 3-4 Band failure


The TV cable is out of adjustment.


Sonnax shortened TV link ensures readjustment of the throttle cable and was designed with the carry-out unit in mind.

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