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Other Part Number: S90741-3

Manufacturer Part Number: 88894

Brand: Sonnax

Manufacturer Warranty: Yes

Honda, Acura 4-Speed, 2-Shaft

CPC Valve Spring
Part No. 88894

Fits '96–'99 A4RA, B4RA and M4RA. For use in early-style units with .260" deep spring pocket and .480" long spring.

Common problems in the Honda/Acura A4RA, B4RA and M4RA transmissions are harsh upshifts, downshifts and Forward engagements, while Reverse engagement is fine. These problems can be caused by a broken CPC (clutch pressure control) valve spring. The spring is located in the secondary valve body and is not available from Honda. Sonnax CPC valve spring 88894 has a wire diameter larger than the OE design. This significantly reduces the stress on the spring, preventing future breakage.

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