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Manufacturer Part Number: 96201-23K

Other Part Number: S86741QK

Brand: Sonnax

Manufacturer Warranty: Yes


Oversized Converter Regulator Valve Kit
Part No. 96201-23K

  • F-96201-TL23
  • 96201-TL3
  • VB-FIX
The 96201-23K kit replaces both the original 4-spooled converter regulator valve and the original 2-spooled version.
  • Valve is manufactured from hardcoat anodized aluminum and incorporates four valve spools to provide better stability and prevent bore wear.
  • Annular grooves have also been added to center the valve in the bore and prevent side loading that leads to bore wear.
  • Two replacement springs are included to compensate for the oversized valve, to reduce the excessive spring force that accelerates bore wear, and to work with either the original 2- or 4-spooled OE design.
  • Either [96201-TL3] or F-96201-TL23 can be used to enlarge the bore to accept the oversized valves, for all applications.

Reamer kit 96201-TL3 is no longer in production but may be available from distributor inventory.

  • Valve
  • Inner Valve Body Clip
  • White Spring 2-Spool OE Application
  • Black Spring 4-Spool OE Application

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