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Other Part Number: TRG-E4OD-HD2 E40D-HD2

Type: Shift Kit

Interchange Part Number: T36169E

Manufacturer Warranty: Yes

Manufacturer Part Number: E4OD-HD2

Country of Manufacture: United States

Installation Instructions: Removal required for complete installation

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Universal Fitment: Yes

Vintage Part: No

Performance Part: Yes

Reprogramming Kit™
With Gear Command™
Fits all E4OD, 4R100 1989-on
(Gear Command™ feature not available 96-on)

Shifts and holds 1st and 2nd to any RPM when manually shifted, but retains automatic up shifts in drive

  • Gear Command™
  • Produces short, clean shifts
  • Better cooling/lubrication and converter feed/capacity using included optional internal upgrades
  • Codes 628, P1740, P1744
  • Soft shifts, 2nd and 3rd burnup
  • Converter slide/shudder burn up
  • Reverse delay/no reverse hot
  • Pump buzz
Also Includes:
  • Pressure regulator boost valve
  • 1-2 shift valve spring
  • Line regulator valve
  • Innovative line-to-lube components
  • High temp direct clutch seal
  • Coast clutch HD snap ring
  • OD housing spiral lock snap ring
  • Updated direct clutch outer seal,
  • Calibration plate for firmness adjustments
  • 2-3 shift valve

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