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Manufacturer Part Number: SK 440-JR

Other Part Number: T84167

Brand: Transgo

SHIFT KIT® Jr. Valve Body Repair Kit
Fits all 440T4, 4T60 1984-on

SKU: SK 440-JR

This TransGo GM 440T4, 4T60 SHIFT KIT® Jr. Valve Body Repair Kit installs quick and easy and corrects several main causes of failure.

If your transmission has harsh reverse, you will want to check out #440 RK

  • 2nd clutch failure
  • 1-2 slide-bump
  • Late or no up-shift
  • Lockup shudder or glazing
  • Kick-down bang
  • Soft shifts when hot
  • Accumulator leaks
  • 3rd clutch seal failure
Also Includes:
  • Upgraded accumulator seals
  • Upgraded 3rd clutch seal

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