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Brand: Transgo Valve Body Repair Kit

Type: Shift Kit

Interchange Part Number: T84167E K66908E T84167E K84908EJR K53943H K84908E

Manufacturer Warranty: Yes

Manufacturer Part Number: SK 4T60E-JR TG-SK 4T60E-JR

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Universal Fitment: No

Vintage Part: No

Performance Part: Yes

Shift Kit®
Fits all 4T60E 1991-on
  • Codes P0740, P0742, P0756, P1870,
  • Light throttle converter shudder/slip
  • Won’t lock-up, falls in and out of lock-up
  • Lock-up on top of 2nd
  • No lockup and/or with hot codes
  • 740, 85, 39, 80/90
  • 2nd clutch burn-up
  • Delayed or no 3rd cold
Also Includes:
  • PWM valve
  • Lockup regulator valve assembly
  • Hardened accumulator pins and tough seals
  • Upgraded self expanding 3rd clutch seal

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