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Manufacturer Part Number: 33000-02

Other Part Number: S14741Q-2

Brand: Sonnax

4T40-E, 4T45-E

TCC Regulated Apply Valve Sleeve
Part No. 33000-02

  • 33000-TL

In vehicles with GM 4T40-E and 4T45-E transmissions, it is common to have either soft or slipping TCC apply or no TCC apply at all. These symptoms are commonly caused by the TCC regulated apply valve wearing out the bore and allowing the valve to stick. Sonnax TCC regulated apply sleeve valve 33000-02 addresses these complaints.

  • Sleeve is installed using the original OE valve, allowing the bore to be restored, and eliminating sticking
  • Sleeve is made from high-quality aluminum to resist wear and increase longevity

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