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Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Manufacturer Part Number: 56947J-S1

OE Spec or Performance/Custom: OE Spec

Brand: Sonnax

Manufacturer Warranty: No Warranty


4-3 Pre-Stroke Valve Spring
Part No. 56947J-S1

Complaints of no 4th or 5th gear, codes 734 and/or 735, and solenoid C codes can occur on the 5R55N due to a broken 4-3 pre-stroke valve spring. The 4-3 pre-stroke valve controls the apply and release rate of the intermediate servo and direct clutch, which should be applied in 4th and 5th gear. The Sonnax 4-3 Pre-Stroke Valve Spring 56947J-S1 addresses these complaints. This spring is not used on 5R55W & S units.

  • Spring is made from chrome-silicon alloy, which allows higher working stresses than typical music wire spring material.
  • Spring configuration reduces operating stresses at the critical regulating positions of the valve by 8%.


  • Code 734, 735
  • Solenoid C Code
  • No 4th
  • No 5th


Breakage of the 4-3 pre-stroke valve spring prevents proper valve function.


Replace with the reduced-stress Sonnax spring.

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